The Solution

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Each Head Guard is designed to be quickly attached to and removed from the top of the passenger overhead main cabin entryway before and after the loading and off-loading of passengers. No matter what model, series and make of aircraft that is in the airline's fleet, the Head Guard will form to each entryway contour by using entryway design specifications. This allows the Head Guard to form fit to the aircraft overhead cabin entryway further reducing any future head injuries and legal negligence liabilities.

The outer surface of the device is made of eco-leather, using the same leather materials found on aircraft seats around the world. The exterior layout can be specifically designed for each airline with their matching logo, color and customer requests embroidered into each Head Guard, such as Welcome Aboard, Caution, Watch Your Head or Thank You for Flying with Us. The leather is then wrapped and sewn around the contouring pre-cast cushioning device. All of the internal works are protected from damage by the Head Guard's design covered by the resilient eco-leather.   

The Head Guard weighs less than two pounds and is easily stored in the overhead or galley area. Head Guard's resilient durability allows it to always maintain its specific contour even after being dropped, stepped on, or even if luggage is laying on top of it for extended trips.

The Head Guard company has developed and can produce the product at a cost of less than .00125 of a penny per passenger to avoid legal negligence and any further passenger and crewmember head injuries. 

Passengers are the bottom line and drive our airline financial system. They are entitled to be kept safe by the regional airlines, airline insurance companies and the airport authority. Passengers financially support all of these business bodies. By our product development, the Head Guard helps to ensure passenger and crewmember safety.